one of my favorite people in the world just moved to LA, my beloved LA, for new opportunities, new perspectives. he adapted his experience so far to whimsical video footage. so, so talented he is, making something so advanced in technology look like it was woven together with the detail of a needle and thread. the baby, the baby it grows. a familiar puppy that i have only ever seen covered in snow is now playing in sand. i am so proud of so many people i know. i have SO many talented friends, and i feel so lucky to know them and be apart of their lives, learn from them, share with them. amazing. my friends are amazing.

see for yourself:

Olives:Rainbows /// a film by alex king from Alex King & Mito Media on Vimeo.

i went to LA in October with friends. here are some pictures i took and some things that i thought of it.

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