mission statement//

i am trying to keep this blog as impersonal as possible. i don't want it to take the place of direct communication and my private thoughts do not belong in the public domain. however, i also don't want to be redundant. i don't want to simply repost things i find interesting without giving them due explanation, interpreting the content, translated into words. this was meant to be a stage on which to practice originality. and so i'm sorry about the last post. the internet is a wasteland and i don't want to contribute to that. i don't expect what i write here to be final drafts, or facts on a matter (though i may use facts to support arguments). i will edit posts and would be thrilled to have feedback. i have a website to which i will be posting a proper writing portfolio. go here for a selection of scholarly work.
i created this as a place for my ideas to have room to stretch, to free them from the mechanical confines of my mind. and i have been smitten with the idea of collaboration for awhile now. i really overuse that word. i want a partner, someone with whom i can grow creatively and intellectually, receive support and criticism from, who challenges and inspires me. but i am not going to rely on that, and i don't expect my load to be any lighter were that to happen. i may or may not have met that person yet, because in my lack of attention to detail, i have overlooked many, many people who i know have a lot of respect for me and i for them. but onward i go, looking for this partner, be it person, place or thing, trying to keep my mind open, avoid agenda, and maintain intention. there is a beautiful french word i wrote down on a piece of paper long lost whose definition perfectly captures this type of person in your life. it's very different from the idea of soul mate. it isn't romantic--the idea is romantic, but the relationship isn't necessarily.
so for now, this blog is my partner. that is its purpose i suppose. an internet presence should not replace dynamic three dimensional structure and interaction. this is but a virtual representation of what i hope is unfolding in my nuclear life, a simulation of something scientific.

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