this video is incredible!

Matthew Dear - "Slowdance" by Charles Bergquist

ashes and snow

these images are as unique and moving as prayers. i think the exhibition is in mexico city right now, and there is a film by the same title about gregory colbert's work which i can't wait to see.


i only have 2 minutes!

there is an infinite unbearably at large amount of possibilites to give in to but we usually settle for a multiple choice answer limited to our own interpretation of a world that is not ours to understand.


this is not an instance of me being ahead of the curve.

confession: i am the last person to be listening to grizzly bear for the first time. i've heard it in cars, on iPod speaker docks, downstairs, through the walls, in the park, high, in California, Colorado, New York, where else? apparently i even saw them open for Feist in 2007.

don't yell at me! i was all mixed up with animal collective, and fleet foxes, and department of eagles, and... so grizzly bear got the cold shoulder, nudged into my lovingly growing playlist called "oops, forgot to listen to this." this playlist is distant cousin of "pile of bills" on my desk and sister to "haven't watched yet" document on computer. dynasties worry me, whether they go by clinton or sequel, which is why star wars, 007, and the matrix's (don't take college level philosophy until you watch the matrix's. your professor will reference it hundreds of times, the class will have many a-ha moments, and you will fail) still have not received my undivided attention. whatever, i have commitment issues. these are all a serious time suck!

so i watched blue valentine last month. and here comes unrelenting grizzly bear again to accompany me throughout, and break me out of my jaded indie rock is boring haze. ok-- have you guys heard Ready, Able!? of course you have! it was like, so 2009, right? whatever. jerks. the light shone down and she done listen to this song.

i thought i was going to avoid grizzly bear like i avoided beanie babies and harry potter. hysteria worries me, but hipster hysteria downright terrifies me. thus the aversion. in hindsight, avoiding harry potter was a mistake. and grizzly bear is emerging from the shadows a weird winner. in the words of bill compton, i will atone.

exhibit a: what finally got my attention.

exhibit b: what kept my attention.

here's a pretty girl wearing the ps1 mochila bag-- to help distract you from the error of my ways.