tinsel town

a short photographic history of our trip to LA. these were taken with my iPhone.
pumba and marisa 

"how do you know you're from co?"
"when you have a $5000 bicycle on top of your $500 car"
this photo speaks volumes about my friends! ♥

friggin awesome stuff at sophie's in silverlake.

like this poster in the window.

teague, woody, amanda, marisa and i went to intelligentsia for some tea and coffee. it rained while we sat outside underneath an umbrella. it was magical. a girl asked us to keep an eye on her bike. it had a carpeted vintage saddle. i was tempted to break the code. but never.

i want to move to silverlake so i can spend all of my time at intelligentsia.

gray and raining really takes the edge off LA. things seemed to move more slowly.

i don't know how it happened, it was meant to be that i looked out my window as we drove past figure 8 wall. "slow down!' i yelled at Amanda. long enough to take a snapshot, long enough for a ton of blood to rush into my heart, fill it to the brim, and erupt with thumping, fast passionate beats of love for the late mr. smith.

i spent a lot of time in traffic. i'm not complaining. the congestion is familiar, and small doses of familiarity are good for the soul. just thinking that next time i plan to visit la, i will double the length of my stay, to make up for the amount of time i will inevitably spend in transit

my first time driving in...a really long time...and i did it here. perfect. i would have a hard time being so reliant on a car after getting around by bike for so long. the world can be experienced three different ways: by car, by bicycle, or by foot, as far as i am concerned. and you can't feel a bird fly over your head in a car.

the lampshades at Toi
"we can make these!"

we almost lost hope of going out our first night there. all frazzled from being in the f%$cking car for so long, being lost, and wet...but then i said, ok, let's just go to la cita. don't hate me if it sucks. we went. outside there might as well have been tumbleweeds, but when we went inside, there was a super awesome party, with live music from a really rad band called Mariachi el Bronx. Damon met up with us. WE DANCED!

after saying my fond farewells to miles and teague over breakfast in venice, they went to LAX en route to thailand for a long time. i went to beverly hills and oogled at all the shops.

i went here. finally. not that great.

something about how assertive LA is, we have a strong bond. 
we have chemistry.
unruly, and colorful. and that's how i like it. no bullshit. 
a refreshing place to go, home. it felt like home. 

boulder is good at being white washed, progressive and clean. 
in LA i felt tied to the individuality of each neighborhood, the gas station attendant with whom i was able to comfortably have conversation in spanish. 
everything was real. everyone was real. 
in boulder people are out for themselves in a more underhanded, manipulative way, diguising their narcissism with art and environment and good causes. 
i like that in LA everyone is out for themselves in bright red lipstick, madly honking their horn.

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