if heaven is where you're going then....

this american life (not to be confused with that american life) ep last week did an expose on the documentary hell house.
the doc is about an evangelical church in texas that breeds new christians by putting fear and redemption on a collision course in a "hell house." participants (who pay $7 to participate-bah!) witness terrifying scenes of violent deaths--acted out live by teenagers with real guns as props--from aids, bleeding out from an abortion, suicide after a gang rape, and a school shooting. lovely! at the end of the scene, the actors are sent to hell. at the end of the tour of hell house, participants are given the choice to pray with a counselor to dedicate their lives to christ, or to leave, sheepishly.
anyways, there is a church in colorado that is promoting this practice. it is called new destiny christian center. the church is manufacturing Hell House Outreach Kits for other churches to build their own hell houses, to save more souls. the church is in thornton, which is really close to me. i think i'm going to buy one. hell house 2010. just kidding.
Senior Pastor Keenan Roberts is manning the front lines of a spiritual battle to save sinners from the devil. his email is on the website....if you come up with anything you might like to say to him.....about what he is doing to our country and our youth......

listen to TAL podcast here.

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