abdominal physics and the boiling-cold sensation of sparkling water.

ok, so usually in our bodies, things pretty much know exactly where to go. everything runs really smoothly. so much so that we can't really feel anything even happening. but then something happens! and your insides get electrocuted and you feel like a drummer who lost his rhythm. your cells get all supercharged and burst effervescently as they collide, like those tiny little self destructive bubbles in carbonated drinks. it feels like all your major organs got loose of the sticky web of gravity-defying plasma holding them in their respective places, and they fell into a giant heap at the bottom of somewhere they don't belong. and then you can feel them because they can feel each other.

elements become compounds, nouns become verbs. and fear, which you normally can't feel (but know it's there), becomes b e i n g  s c a r e d.


download: carbonated mount kimbie

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