"What's your style?" I'm sorry, but this has no certain style that you should expect to follow. That is my response.

I have sanctuary. I learned the value of sanctuary at a time in my life when it was completely necessary. In church basements less than a mile away I have found what people travel the world looking for.

But I also like to apply sanctuary to conventional places, uncommonly considered sacred. To begin, a little eatery in Boulder, Modmarket.

This playful reinvention of the common cafeteria is near my place of employment. I like it because it is conveniently located, and it serves fresh, sophisticated, well-proportioned plates without the attitude (and $2 tumblers of wine if you are interested!). It would do well among the Pearl street restaurants, but the fact that it is located off the beaten path, in a strip mall for heaven's sake, adds to its modest charm. Lately, being that I live in a house occupied by 5 people, there isn't much that I crave more than ordering the pomegranate glazed pizza (made with whole grain dough!), and reading the latest issue of Vogue in peace.

Modmarkert is long and slender, and with west-facing windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling, the majestic 5 p.m. spring sunshine pours in and views of the mountains are unobstructed. If the owners are native southern Californians it would explain a lot about the design, and about my attraction to the place. It is minimally decorated in white and brushed aluminum-- bare walls, skinny white chairs and tables, small bunches of grass grow along its walls-- and on good days, I think they put their Pandora radio station to Ulrich Schnauss or someone similar to complete the clean affect. I easily and happily spend an hour here, savoring the time between work and home.

They have a pretty great blog on their website as well: check out one of my favorite entries.

Stay tuned for the next episode of sanctuary: the dance floor.

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