i don't want to be an artist i want to be happy. (ben vautier)

i regard structure and routine with the same esteem as the to-do list: elusive, strangely satisfying, therapeutic. i am someone who loves, no, LOVES cleaning supplies. and growing up school supply shopping was always highly anticipated. however, i am also someone who never uses those cleaning supplies, and school was just a doodle in a margin when it came down to it. designing my day is deeply comforting to my anxious, chaotic soul, but my favorite part of life is the blank space in between my color coded calendar. 

here is how others spend their time, and a look at the spaces in which they do it.

padma lakshmi's sunday routine  .the new york times magazine. i love these features.

vogue's sally singer in her chelsea hotel apartment photos tom selby

the daily routines of ben franklin and many other notable writers, artists and intellectuals are outlined at the most excellent dailyroutines.typepad.com

oh, wowie! I just came across another one. Doing some research on Mat Schulz, founder & director of Unsound Festival, I stumbled upon an interview of him with Gosia, another organizer of Unsound. The interview is published by the Krakow Post as part of a series called "My Life," in which prominent Cracovians are interviewed about their Cracovian lives, likes and dislikes. Read their responses here and go here other interviews.

photo: kevin erickson

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  1. i just pulled that last routine image this past week. i liked it.