florence welch’s voice is a tight-wire upon which her band performs acrobatic miracles and she sings with such vocal control you can feel the tension between each note she croons. together they are masterfully heart wrenching, especially on ‘cosmic love’ which is arranged with almost exactly the same frantic motivation as ‘dog days are over.’ 
both come with heavy, dramatic pauses that weigh down the center of the songs long enough to make you believe your heart is flatlining, only to take your breath away when both erupt into welch splattering her lyrical, red guts all over a wall with razor-like precision. 
the band plays on in desperate concentration, eyes shut like tightly clenched fists, gaining momentum to avoid losing its balance–1-2-3-4, 2-2-3-4–, listening to the voice which vibrates beneath it for guidance. and by the end, the rythym is so securely fastened to the ground, they all dance across the finish line.

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