can you tell someone to go to hell?

today i woke up and realized the sun would only be out for two more hours. how are you maximizing your daylight? this is why you are in repayment. oh, god, you’re still waiting. waiting and wanting. for what, fool?  
the sun is bright and the iridescent clatter of people’s lives running into each other, sparks glittering off into the infinite, is ringing in my ears.
“too many options may kill a man.” 
"your country is weird." 
"rearrange your heart."
"we don’t even have the basics."
then it snowed, and the stillness settled, and all that noise pollution evaporated into the thin of the air. sound doesn’t carry when the sky is that damp and heavy. snow is the coldest kind of packing material.
my voice is wrapped up in fresh packed snow. my tongue is frozen to someone's ass i don't know. my life is lost in the stillness.
melt me.

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